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New findings of the doctoral thesis of PhD students Nguyen Duy Dong
Updated: 5/17/2017 3:36:14 PM GMT + 7

THESIS SUBJECT: Improving competitiveness of Vietnam construction enterprises in the context of global economic integration.

Major: Development Economics Code: 62 31 01 05

PhD Candidate: Nguyen Duy Dong

Instructors: Assoc Prof. PhD Dao Van Hung

Training facility: Development Strategy Institute

1. New contributions in academics, reasoning:

The thesis presents and systematizes theoretical issues and perspectives to clarify the nature, content and requirements for improving the competitiveness of construction firms and impacts on the competitiveness of construction enterprises in Vietnam today.

To assess quantitatively, The dissertation presents theoretical and methodological basis using new indicators such as technical efficiency assessment by data envelope model (DEA), In essence, it is to determine the level of utilization of resources in the construction sector; The econometric model, which assesses the interaction between enterprises by capital and labor, and assesses the competitiveness of construction firms.

To assess qualitatively, the thesis combine "Diamond" model by Michel Porter with four factors including factor conditions; demand conditions; related and supporting industries; capacity, sector structure and model Dunning adding two factors as the government and external chances.

Besides, on the basis of research on the capabilities of construction businesses of the United States, Japan, Korea, China, etc, the thesis draws on the lessons learned that Vietnamese construction enterprises can apply. From the above contents, the thesis has created a theoretical and practical basis for improving the competitiveness of Vietnamese construction enterprises in the context of global economic integration.

2. New findings and proposals drawn from research results, survey of thesis:

Adjusting the strategic objectives and mastering the basic viewpoints on adjusting the strategic objectives and strategic objectives of the Vietnam's construction enterprises; The macro management recommendations of the state to promote the aggregation of national, sectoral and business resources are directed at enhancing the competitiveness of Vietnamese construction enterprises in the period of global economic integration.

General assessment and analyze of current situation, difficulties, poor-spirited, inadequate and strengths and weaknesses of Vietnamese construction enterprises today. Analyze of the comparative relationship between the competitiveness of Vietnamese construction enterprises and the foreign construction enterprises operating in our country.

3. Applicability in practice:

Suggested directions and solutions to promote the positive and limitations the negative aspects in the operation and operation of construction enterprises in Vietnam today to improve the competitiveness of construction enterprises in our country.

Thereby the author made a number of recommendations and recommendations to the Government, leaders of related ministries, branches and leaders of Vietnamese construction enterprises to support and create favorable conditions for Vietnam's construction enterprises are increasingly developing, improving their competitiveness, especially with foreign construction enterprises.

Hanoi, April 5, 2017

                      Instructors                                                                      PhD Candidate


      Assoc Prof. PhD Dao Van Hung                                                   Nguyen Duy Dong
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