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New findings of the doctoral thesis of PhD students Cao Chu Son
Updated: 6/29/2016 2:44:50 PM GMT + 7

Thesis topic: Improving the efficiency of cultural development investment in Phu Tho province.

Major: Development Economics                           Code:

Research student: Cao Chu Son

Instructors: Assoc. Prof. Dr Thai Ba Can; Prof. Dr Nguyen Ba An

Training institution: Development Strategy Institute


1. New contributions in terms of academics and theoretics

- The first, by clarifying perceptions of the meaning of culture in development, the thesis points out the important role of cultural development investment; simultaneously, it also introduced the four groups of factors that affect the results and effectiveness of cultural development investment; thesis confirms the role of the State for the development of culture in general and in particular for effectiveness of cultural development investment.

- The second, the specific interpretations: The thesis has proposed a system consisting of four indicators to analyze effectiveness of cultural development investment (capital efficiency, contribution of cultural development investment on economic growth, creating jobs and investment capital ratio becomes the property of the cultural sector) for applications in the study of cultural development investment in the province of Vietnam.

2. The findings, new recommendations drawn from the results of research and surveys of the thesis

Author aware culture is the spiritual foundation of society and an important part to promote economic – social development. Therefore, investment in cultural development is a very important content should be researched and has specific assessments. From the study of this issue, the thesis has some important contributions, in particular:

Firstly, an overview some research projects at home and abroad related to the content of topic. The thesis mentioned the most prominent limitations of previous research is not accessible or has access to, but the content is blurry, poorly developed abou investment in cultural development.

Secondly, analyze the status of cultural investment in cultural development of Phu Tho province, through the use of a system of assessment criteria which shows that the use of investment funds for cultural development has yet to effective, investments are spread and have not built a strategic plan long-term investment. The investment coordination between the cultural sector and other sectors is loose led to investment in cultural development in Phu Tho is spread, inconsistencies, inefficiencies, making culture has not really become an important factor for economic development of the province as well as culture is not contribute to promoting the economic development of its potential.

Thirdly, the thesis has proposed two major solutions: Measures to mobilize and use capital; Solution of state management which takes into account all actors: government, business and citizens. This thesis also recommends content, which the provincial government should be doing to invest in cultural development with high efficiency, contribute to promoting fast-growing economy, sustainability. At the same time, the authors forecast the results and effectiveness of cultural investment and development of Phu Tho until 2020 on condition that the measures, which were recommended to be carried out a feasible way.
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