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New findings of the doctoral thesis of PhD students Ta Thi Kim Dung
Updated: 6/21/2016 2:21:32 PM GMT + 7

Thesis topic: Improving business efficiency of Vietnam Technological and Commercial joint Stock bank

Major: Development Economics                                 Code:

Research student: Ta Thi Kim Dung

Instructors: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mai Văn Bạn

Training institution: Development Strategy Institute

New contributions in terms of academics and theoretics

- Launch the new contents and ideas about business efficiency of commercial banks stand on the corner of the effect of bank itself and society. Affirming the factor dominate for business efficiency of commercial banks include: Group of internal factors (size of capital, the level of management, quality of human resources); group of external factors (the business environment, competitive in products and services, the revolution in technology ... ).

- Topic-specific solutions: assess business performance in the criteria and indicators used to determine the level of achievement of the criteria.

Specific interpretation: assess business performance in the criteria and indicators used to determine the level of achievement of the criteria.

The findings , new recommendations drawn from the results of research and surveys of the thesis

Author aware of Techcombank's mission is one of the largest joint stock commercial banks, plays a key role, pillar for the country 's economy.

First, an overview of more than 60 research projects at home and abroad related to the content of the subject, most scholars between business efficiency with profitability. That is, they focus on economic efficiency, but not enough attention is given to the consideration to the social effects.

Second, analyze the status of Techcombank's business performance and comparison with other banks through the indicators, confirming Techcombank activities remain efficient and competitive advantage of the group's leading joint-stock banks. However, business efficiency is low, unsustainable and not commensurate with the potentials of the bank (in the contents of profits, labor productivity, quality of human resources, products and services). The cause of this situation is mainly due to the capacity of management, lack of high quality human resources in the stage of policy making and business strategy, by the difficult economic situation in 2011-2013, due to network expansion. The author reviews, Techcombank many issues need to be resolved but can fully overcome, it is essential that people involved in the change process are ready or not?

Third, the proposed four solution: increase the efficiency and effectiveness of governance, enhance operational capacity, improve the quality of products and services , development of high quality human resources .
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