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New findings of the doctoral thesis of PhD students Phan Manh Hung
Updated: 6/10/2016 3:37:14 PM GMT + 7

Subject of the thesis: The current performance and the solution of economic development - social highway corridor 12 A Quang Binh

1. Theoretical

An overview of the research in the world and Vietnam on the establishment and development of economic corridors (EC) and related issues, particularly stressing the territorial organization and its role in conditions of EC economic integration and the new stage of development of the country. Thereby determining the theoretical issues and practical for organizing highway corridor 12A Quang Binh province;

Systemize the theoretical issues related to the formation, development and operation of a EC. The thesis has clarified the concept of EC, it's role in the process of development of a local economy. From the study of the development of the economic corridor in Europe, North America, Southeast Asian countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, especially the formation of economic corridors Geat Mekong Subregion ( GMS) and practices of the recent development of economic corridors in Vietnam to draw the necessary conclusions from a study of EC. in particular, the thesis focuses on research associated with EC clusters of key economic sectors and localities along the corridor, in order to ensure competitiveness in the context of integration into the region and ensure the requirements of the new stage of development.

2. Practical

Analysis and evaluation of natural conditions as well as the starting point for the province of Quang Binh province along highway corridor 12A Quang Binh to clarify the advantages of these localities, found public sector clusters both local advantage while they can exploit the advantages of the major transport routes running through as a necessary inputs. Since then connect the local with the advantage of the benefits of trunk roads, brought commercial axis, creating an attractive environment for investment, production and business environment. There also needs to determine what local governments need to create favorable conditions for business development and create the best competitiveness for businesses.

Dissertation proposal perspectives, and solutions-oriented construction of highway corridor 12A Quang Binh in coming years. Development focused primarily on EC combined with industry clusters, to create a link mechanism for regional spillover effects of EC.
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