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Thesis topic: "Research to improve the efficiency of Vietnam's commodities export toward 2030”
Major: Development Economic. Code: 9310105
Researcher: Dao Thanh Huong
Supervisor: Asso. Prof. Dr. Le Xuan Ba
Training Unit: Development Strategy Institute

Title: Development of Supporting Industries in Hanoi City
Major: Development Economics
Code: 9310105
Ph.D. Candidate: Do Thuy Nga
Supervisors: 1. Associate Professor, Ph.D. Bui Tat Thang
                     2. Ph.D. Duong Dinh Giam
Training institution: Vietnam Institution for Development Strategies

New Dissertation topic: Improve the growth quality of Vietnamese industry

Thesis subject: Industrial development of Thai Nguyen province in the period to 2030

Thesis topic: Tourism Development of Hai Phong city in regional collaboration with Red River Delta and North East Coastal

Thesis subject: Investment in forming modern economic structure in Thua Thien Hue Province

The research topic: Industrial restructuring in Hanoi towards sustainable development

Title: Human Resource Development of Vinh Phuc province’s Industry

Thesis subject: "Tourism development in accordance with the economic corridor Lang Son - Hanoi"

Title: Current situation and solutions to improve the level of industrialization and modernization in Phu Tho province to 2030

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